Our trip to the Irish Centre 13/11/17

Date: 15th Nov 2017 @ 11:19am

On Monday 11th November 2017, Year 5 and 4 visited the Irish Centre. We all walked there together and prepared ourselves for the fun to begin! When we arrived, we split in to claas groups and went off to do different activities. Initally, Year 5 designed and created their own Manchester Bee's (whilst coming up with a rich back story about the life of their Bee). Year 4 took part in a tin whistle lesson and even had the chance to play the ooccordian! Then, both classes swapped over. We had lunch and played outdoors for a little while. In the afternoon, we all took part in an Irish dancing class and had the opportunity to showcase our newly learned routines. The whole day was fantastic! We all returned back to school tired from the dancing but feeling like we could put Michael  Flatley to shame! 

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