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Date: 19th Apr 2017 @ 11:02am

Pupil Chaplaincy at St Malachy’s R.C. Primary School.

St Malachy’s has a team of ten dedicated Pupil Chaplains who have a vital role to play in enhancing the Religious Life of our school.  Each Chaplain applied for the role and was interviewed by Miss O’Brien and Sister Regina. Our Pupil Chaplains are easily identified in school by their special Chaplain jumper and when they write and read out bidding prayers in Mass, they are proud to wear their jumpers so the parishioners know they are a Pupil Chaplain.  Our Pupil Chaplains work hard to promote our Catholic faith in school but they are also a wonderful link between St Malachy’s and other schools in our cluster.  The Pupil Chaplains do some excellent work by reaching out to other Chaplaincy Teams and work collaboratively to put Faith into action.

The job of Pupil Chaplain has a very high profile in school and some of the tasks these pupils carry out include welcoming new pupils and staff to our school, leading Masses and Liturgical events, co-planning, preparing and delivering collective worship in classes throughout the school, leading ‘Faith in Action’ workshops, fundraising initiatives and developing the Catholic ethos of the school.  The Pupil Chaplains also give advice to children on the Sacramental programme and are excellent role-models to others especially in how to live out our Mission Statement.

Currently Miss O’Brien Leads the Chaplaincy team along with  Mrs Williams and Mr Barnes.  The Chaplains report to the Governors including Father Ged, Mrs Campbell, Mrs Donvaband and Sister Regina.  


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