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Over View of learning


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is from age 3 to 5.  It starts Nursery and ends Reception. During this stage children work towards meeting the  Early Learning Goals.

At St Malachy’s we use the following framework

Development Matters in the Foundation Stage


Child Development.

We believe that each child's progress is individual to them and that different children develop at different rates. There are some important 'steps' for each child to take along their own developmental pathway, each step along their learning journey is supported and encouraged by our dedicated team.  During their learning journey your child is now building a stronger sense of their own identity and their place in a wider world. They are learning to recognise the importance of social rules and customs, to show understanding and tolerance of others, and to learn how to be more controlled in their own behaviour. Learning and playing in small groups helps to foster the development of social skills. We encourage children to become better able to plan and undertake more challenging activities with a wider range of materials for making and doing. Your child will be encouraged to develop literacy and problem solving, reasoning and mathematics through stories and rhymes. We will introduce a wide variety of equipment, media and technologies.


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