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Catholic Life of The School

See below some recent events we have done, have a look at our RE Blog to see more!

Pentecost Fashion Show

Children in Key Stage 1 designed a costume to symbolise the Holy Spirit, know to the class as a Pente-costume!

They then worked in small groups to make their favourite costumes and decided between them who would model them in the Pentecost Fashion Show.

Here is a selection of the children’s designs:

The Crowning of Our Lady

During our Thursday mass on the 7th May we held a special celebration to crown the statue of Our Lady. The oldest and youngest child in school were selected to crown Our Lady. Here are Bryan and Eniola waiting to do their special job.

Everyone from school brought flowers and we all processed behind our beautiful new banner. After the mass we held a celebratory picnic in the playground.

St Malachy’s Feast Day

St Malachy’s Feast Day with a whole school mass and a celebratory birthday cake. The Gospel reading for the day was The Parable of the Talents, so as a reminder all of the children received a packet of chocolate coins.

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