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The Religious Education Curriculum

Our Religious Education is based upon the R.E. Curriculum Directory, and uses a range of approved materials including the Diocese of Salford approved scheme, 'Come & See'

Come & See:

Here are some photos of displays of work and worship areas around the school:

Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural Education (S.M.S.C.)

We believe that our children need to know who they are, where they are going and how to get there!

We use ‘Big Questions’ to help the children engage with the meaning and purpose of life and consider their place within the world. The ‘Big Questions’ are linked to every topic taught in school. This means that the opportunities for SMSC are woven through our entire curriculum.

Catholic social teaching is centred around the use of 'Caritas in Action':


The Catholic Life of the School

Our school and parish community celebrate important liturgical times by celebrating Mass, giving performances, holding assemblies, running fashion shows and coming together to share a meal (just like one big happy family).

Here are some photos of staff and children enjoying the Catholic life of the school:

The Reception nativity performance

The Harvest performance

The Crowning of Mary

Ash Wednesday lunch shared by staff and pupils " just like one big family"

Palm Sunday 




The Pupil Chaplaincy Team

St Malachy’s Pupil Chaplaincy team has 13 dedicated members and is led by Miss O’Brien. The children who have a vital role to play in enhancing the Religious Life of our school. The children in years 3 and 4 are given the opportunity to apply each year and are interviewed by Miss O’Brien and Sister Regina.


The job of Pupil Chaplain has a very high profile in school and some of the tasks these pupils carry out include welcoming new pupils and staff to our school, leading Masses and Liturgical events, co-planning, preparing and delivering collective worship in classes throughout the school, leading ‘Faith in Action’ workshops, fundraising initiatives and developing the Catholic ethos of the school. The Pupil Chaplains also give advice to children on the Sacramental programme and are excellent role-models to others especially in how to live out our Mission Statement.


The Chaplaincy Team meet every Wednesday to write, review and carry out the termly action plan. So far this year the team has increased donations to the Lalley centre by holding a class competition, advertised for new members of the team, raised the profile of Advent by holding an advent assembly and blessing the advent wreaths that are used in class. The team regularly plan and lead collective worship.


Our Pupil Chaplains are easily identified in school by their special Chaplain jumpers. They work hard to promote our Catholic faith in school but they are also a wonderful link between St Malachy’s and other schools in our cluster. The Pupil Chaplains do some excellent work by reaching out to other Chaplaincy Teams.


We host an annual Chaplaincy workshop event during Lent which is attended by Chaplaincy teams from St Matthews High School, Our Lady’s High School, Mount Carmel, St. Edmunds, St. Margaret Mary, St John Boscoe, St. Dunstans and Christ the King.


Here are some photos of the Pupil Chaplaincy Team putting faith into action:

Blessing the Advent Wreath

Welcoming the new members from Years 3 and 4

Action planning

Preparing for our annual Chaplaincy Workshop event at Lent

The 'Jigsaw for Jesus' cross produced at our Chaplaincy Event. Exploring the colours and true meaning of Easter.

Pupil Chaplaincy teams from eight schools came together for the event


Looking after God’s World

Christ in Collyhurst.

Some pupils at St Malachy’s have painted the stations of the cross set in Collyhurst. The art work is on display in church and also in school.

We do our best to look after God’s world and our fellow brothers and sisters. We work with the Missionary Brothers of Charity on the allotment to grow vegetables which are cooked in meals for the homeless people of Manchester.


The Pupil Chaplaincy team bake flapjacks for the homeless and attach messages of “we are thinking of you” and “we hope you enjoy your flapjacks, you are in our thoughts and prayers”. Brother Mark said that they were very warmly received.

Our annual ‘Lenterprise’ initiative raises money that we donate to CARITAs and the Lalley Centre. Each class competes to raise the most money for charity by running an enterprise at play times. We link this to the CARITAs in Action unit of work called ‘Solidarity and the Common Good’ .

We work in partnership with the Lalley Centre which is situated in the basement of our school building. Our annual harvest donations are well received and termly fundraising is donated to help support the families in our local area.

We also raise money for St. Joseph’s Penny each year. Last year we held a class competition to see who could bring in the most 2p coins. We bagged them up and took them out to the playground. When we put the bags in a line we were able to see which class raised the most money. The winner was… Year 2!

A cheque for the money was then presented at the St Joseph’s Penny and CARITAs Mass at St Anne’s Church.



St Malachy

Saint Malachy was the first Irish saint.

Saint Malachy was born of Irish nobility in Armagh in 1094. He was ordained at the age of 25 after the death of both of his parents. He served as Abbot at Bangor, Bishop of Connor, Ireland, and Archbishop of Armagh. Saint Malachy introduced uniformity in Ireland by replacing the Celtic liturgy with the Roman liturgy and was a noted healer.

The Prophecy of Saint Malachy

It is the Prophecy of St. Malachy concerning the line of popes that sets him apart from all other saints. According to tradition, he had a vision while in Rome of the line of popes and to each there was a phrase describing him. Such as Crux de Cruce (Cross from a Cross) or Lumen in Caelo (Light in the Sky).

Top Facts about St. Malachy:

Saint Malachy is the patron of Ireland and his feast day is November 3rd.

He is typically represented with either a book or encountering his sister’s dead spirit as seen in popular St. Malachy Medals.

St. Malachy died in the arms of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, his biographer.

He was the spiritual teacher of Blessed Christian O’Conarchy.


Our Parish

We are part part of the Salford Diocese


St Malachy’s R.C. Church is where we as Catholics come to worship God.

Father Jim Clarke is our Parish Priest, here he is visiting Year 4.

Mass is celebrated at 6:30 pm every Saturday. We look forward to seeing you there!

Our parish community also includes the Presentation Sisters, the Missionary Brothers of Charity and the Lalley Centre.

This is Sister Regina, teaching Year 4 about her work with the Parish community.

The Sacramental Program

This photo was taken of the children just after they received Holy Communion for the first time.

The parish community and it's newest memebers go on the annual Italain Walk.




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